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The word on the street is that getting a Volvo demo car for sale in Houston, TX is the ultimate choice when it comes to taking home a new vehicle. Packed with benefits, any model will surprise you (in a good way) mile after mile. So what are you waiting for? Check out our expansive inventory of used cars for sale to find your favorite.

The Volvo XC90 Demo vs. Volvo XC60 Demo

We loan our customers who have their vehicles in service a demo car, also known as a courtesy vehicle. There is a demo model for any budget, and our larger Volvo demo cars for sale will fit any objective for those with a growing family. Additionally, any Volvo loaner car is an excellent option as she'll have low mileage, be in great shape, and offer exceptional value.

Just how low is low mileage, you ask? Our policy offers demo Volvo cars from 3,000 miles and usually no more than 10K miles. Drive off in confidence in your midsize or full-sized Volvo SUV, knowing that she's barely begun to stretch her legs.

Our Volvo demo cars for sale are used to showcase the latest and greatest features from the Volvo Cars brand. These retired Volvo demo cars are loaned to service customers while our technicians are servicing their current vehicles. We ensure that our loaner cars are in tip-top shape before passing them on to you.

How? These Volvo loaner cars get regular servicing and inspections to ensure premium condition is realized. Enthusiasts should look out for standard seating for seven in the larger Volvo XC90. In contrast, sport enthusiasts should scramble to get a Volvo XC60 plug-in hybrid Engineered by Polestar with over 400 horsepower and tunable suspension.

Another great way to take one home with confidence is from our Volvo CPO inventory.

Try an Award-Winning Volvo XC40 Demo

Expect great things from the most compact SUV in the Volvo Cars lineup. Imagine a vehicle with a digital dash, an infotainment system powered by Google™, and so much more. You'll find it all right alongside other the excellent standard equipment in the Volvo XC40. Equipment aside, the most frequently asked question regarding our Volvo demo cars for sale is, does it classify as a pre-owned vehicle or a new car? In truth, she's a little bit of both.

Our Volvo demo cars for sale have never officially been owned by anyone. Sure, they've got some usage on them from us, but you'll still be the first titled owner. In addition to savings, you'll enjoy the balance of the vehicle's new car warranty.1

Perhaps the sweetest benefit of all is working with our Volvo dealership. We care about your experience & value your decision to work with us. You'll get the white-glove service that you've no doubt heard about, and we can't wait to serve you for life.

With that in mind, don’t forget to ask your sales & leasing specialist for additional products like Volvo Assurance, wheel & tire protection, or any of our other value-driven services that make ownership more rewarding (and cost-effective).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it typically cheaper to buy a loaner car?

A loaner car for sale will typically be cheaper than an equivalent new car for sale. For example, our Volvo demo cars for sale in Houston, TX, offer nearly-new mileage and equivalent quality to a new car, at a price that’s lower than a brand-new Volvo car for sale. Visit our Volvo car demo and loaner car showroom to see the value and quality of a Volvo loaner car.

What is a demo car from a dealership?

A demo car from a dealership is a new car that has been set aside for test drives rather than being available for sale. A Volvo demo car will have been used sparingly and under the strict supervision of dealership staff. As a result, when a demo car comes up for sale, it’ll be your way of getting nearly-new mileage and quality at a price lower than an equivalent new model.

Is a loaner car considered a new car?

A loaner car is considered to be a new car, as it has not been registered with a private owner. A loaner car is a new car that arrived at a dealership from the factory, but with the intention of being used for test drives. However, when a Volvo loaner car for sale appears, it’ll be in essentially-new condition, with very few miles logged, and each of those miles will have been driven under the supervision of dealership staff.

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