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When your lease contract is coming to an end, a Volvo lease-return center will help you explore all the options you have to choose from. We truly hope your experience with leasing a Volvo vehicle was a great one, and we want to make sure that returning her is just as smooth and seamless as she drove. When it comes time for your Volvo lease turn-in, the process is:

Volvo Lease-End Inspection

This is performed within 60 days of the lease expiration. Your vehicle will be brought in for an inspection at our Volvo lease-return center to determine the following:

  • Vehicle condition.
  • Any necessary repairs.
  • If excessive wear and tear are present.
  • If any over mileage has occurred.

From there, the next step is to bring your vehicle into our Volvo lease-return center, along with:

  • Any and all keys to the vehicle.
  • Your owner's manual and maintenance/service documentation.
  • Any receipts for vehicle repairs.
  • The inspection report from the previous step.

Once all this has been completed, you have several options to choose from:

Return Your Volvo Vehicle

Once fees such as over mileage have been paid, your current vehicle will be returned to our dealership in Houston, TX. You'll then walk away, or perhaps even drive away, with one of our new car specials. Please note, it's not just a Volvo-lease return we accept, as we also take in leases from other OEMs.

Buy Your Volvo Lease Out

If you've become attached to your Volvo vehicle — and we don't blame you one bit if you have — it may be hard to say goodbye. In this case, our Volvo lease-return center can advise you on any further finance options for you to buy the vehicle outright. If you want to try a newer version of a car you loved leasing, then you can still return your Volvo lease for a vehicle in our new Volvo inventory.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I return a Volvo lease?

The first step is to clean any personal belongings out of the car. Within 60 days of the lease end date, you will be contacted to set up a vehicle inspection. If any repairs are found during the inspection, you will be contacted to schedule them. Then, set up a lease turn-in appointment. Pay any fees like over mileage and excess wear and tear, and bring all repair receipts, service records, keys/key fobs, owner's manual, and the inspection report, and turn the vehicle in.

Can I return my Volvo lease early?

Yes. While it is possible to turn in your Volvo lease early, be aware that there will likely be fees to pay. Typically you'll pay a lease termination fee, but in some cases, there may be an early-termination clause that will let you waive the fee when turning the lease in early.

What is a Volvo disposition fee?

You'll likely be paying several fees at the end of your lease. A disposition fee is typically included in this. The disposition fee is a charge used to prepare the turned-in vehicle for the next buyer. In essence, this is a cleaning and repair fee so that the vehicle can be sold to another customer in optimal condition.

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