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Today's stunning Volvo V60 for sale in Houston is the modern descendent of the iconic Volvo wagon. You know the ones. You may have even ridden in the back of one as a kid. The Volvo 240 wagon wowed the North American market with her immense cargo capacity, safety, capability, and distinctive design. Over 40 years later, many things have changed, but a few things remain the same. Your family will be safe. They'll drive in a distinctive style. And if you so choose, you can still have a plaid cloth interior (albeit with a more modern twist). Explore our used Volvo V60 wagons before you scroll. You never know. A Volvo 240 might be hiding among them.

The Volvo V60 for Sale in West Houston

The versatile (that's what the "V" stands for) Volvo V60 for sale is designed to cope with a variety of driving conditions and driving styles. The models you'll discover below are as diverse as the personalities who seek them out. There is a model that's perfect for you. Choose from the:

  • Volvo V60 Cross Country
  • Volvo V60 Engineered by Polestar

Plenty comes standard with either Volvo V60 for sale, including adaptive LED headlights, LED DRLs, LED taillights, leather seating (unless you specify textile at no additional cost), a digital cluster, touchscreen infotainment, smartphone connectivity, ADAS driver safety, and a 3-year/36,000-mile complimentary maintenance plan.1

Undeniable Power With Every Volvo V60 for Sale in Houston

Previous versions of the Volvo V60 T5 powertrain came with standard FWD. In fact, she was only the Volvo V60 Cross Country that came with AWD and an 8" stance off the ground. The wild popularity of this model has now superseded all others. Between your two choices, AWD will be standard fare in either the conventionally powered wagon or the electrified hybrid.

Life in Texas is adventurous. Fortunately, the Volvo V60 for sale will have you well prepared. Enjoy 250 horsepower from the T5 turbocharged four-cylinder or discover what it's like to get over the hills and through the woods in a hurry with 415 horsepower from the T8 hybrid. Both models have sure-footing thanks to a confident eight-speed transmission. Configurable drive modes accompany you on every journey in Houston and beyond. There's also a special mode that you can customize for the most engaged drive.

Your Volvo V60 for Sale in Houston Has Style

If you can dream it, your Volvo dealership in Houston can make it happen. Imagine yours in Crystal White, Fusion Red, or Denim Blue (among other favorite colors). On the inside, you can upgrade your cabin experience to include ventilated Nappa leather in Charcoal, Maroon, Blonde, or Amber. Open the roofline to a clear sky view with a panoramic glass roof (found in the Lounge Package). Pour on the cargo, pet-carrying, and child-safety accessories from an innumerable list of options.

Now, if you're looking for a Volvo V60 for sale that might have a trick up her sleeve, select the Advanced Package and enjoy adaptive cruise control, 360 cameras, head-up display, cabin air ionization, tier 1 illumination, and additional power outlets. Connect your Volvo wagon to the Volvo wagons of yesterday with the stunning Blonde City Weave Textile interior. Door panels and seating surfaces are finished in a finely knit cream, blue, and gray plaid for a look unlike anything else you might see in Houston. Your childhood memories include road trips in the back of a plaid cloth Volvo wagon. Your kids' memories can include them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the Volvo V60?

The Volvo V60 combines speed with powerful MPGs. There is the Volvo V60 Cross Country with the B5 AWD powertrain, making 250 horsepower and launching up from 0 to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds, and the Volvo V60 Recharge Polestar Engineered with 415 horsepower, a 0-60 mph time of 4.3 seconds, and an EPA-estimated 74 MPGe2. Explore our new Volvo V60 inventory in Houston, TX, to feel the power.

What kind of engine does a Volvo V60 have?

A Volvo V60 has a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine in both powertrain configurations. Specifically, the B5 AWD powertrain uses it and a mild hybrid system for 250 horsepower, while the T8 eAWD powertrain combines it with a plug-in-hybrid system to make 415 horsepower. Either choice is thrilling and efficient, and with the luxuries of a new Volvo V60 for sale, it's a wagon that will satisfy.

How big is the trunk in the Volvo V60?

The trunk in the Volvo V60 is big enough to fit up to 60.5 cubic feet of cargo. For comparison, the Volvo XC60 can fit up to 63.3 cubic feet of cargo. When you take command of a new Volvo V60 for sale, you get the cargo space of an SUV with the thrilling dynamics of a sedan, creating an awesome ride that makes every bit of pavement an entertaining yet practical experience.

Your Volvo V60 for Sale at Volvo Cars West Houston

It's an urban jungle out there in Houston. It's best to be prepared for anything. Now that both models are equipped with AWD and eAWD, you'll be able to survive nasty weather, off-pavement driving, and wagon-eating potholes without blinking an eye. There are plenty of reasons why you should buy or lease from us, and we hope that you give us the opportunity to show you what a world-class experience is all about.

1Volvo Cars recommends that you bring your vehicle in for service at least once a year regardless of mileage. In such cases Volvo Cars will cover the recommended services at 1 per year for the first 3 years.

2EPA estimated range is 30 MPG city/33 MPG highway/74 MPGe combined. Your actual range will vary for many reasons, including but not limited to, driving conditions, how and where you drive, how you maintain your vehicle, battery-package/condition, and other factors. See