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It is important for you to stay up-to-date on the condition of your wheels and tires, so it's a good idea to do a quick walk-around check of your wheels every time you get into your car to make sure you don't have a flat or have an unidentified object in them. However, the importance of your tires goes much further than just avoiding a flat. Come to our Volvo Cars tire center in Westside Houston to keep your tires in top shape.

Types of Tire Service

In case you didn't know, tires and wheels are not the same thing. Your tire is the rubber donut that actually comes in contact with the road. Your wheel is the part of the car that the tire is mounted onto. Now that we have that squared (or should we say, circled) away, let's go over some of the common fixes that you may need related to tire and wheel service.

  • Tire Rotation: Unlike you may have believed as a kid, this does not mean simply hoisting up your vehicle and spinning the tires in place. Tire rotations work by changing the position of your tires and wheels. There are multiple patterns in which we can do this, but what we ultimately use depends on how worn down each tire is. If you have an FWD car, there will, naturally, be a lot more wear on the front tires. So, we will rotate those tires to the back and put the ones in the back onto the front wheels. This ensures even wearing of your tires and helps you to keep maximum traction and avoid those flat tires.

  • Tire Replacement: If the time comes where your new Volvo vehicle tires have been worn down significantly or completely destroyed for some reason, it's time for a tire replacement. Lucky for you, we have all types of Volvo vehicle tires available at our tire center, including all-weather tires! There'll be no excuse for you to lose traction on the road due to worn-down tires when you get a look at our tire deals.

  • Wheel Bearing Repair or Replacement: Your wheel bearings are what allow your wheels to spin freely without flying off or creating excessive friction. When separated from the wheel, they look kind of like a diffuser attachment for a hairdryer. If these become loose or damaged, it could make it difficult for your wheels to spin. It'll likely cause a strange noise or vibrations when driving, and, if not repaired or replaced, it can cause a lot of unnecessary wear on your vehicle's suspension, leading to many more issues and much more necessary tire service.

  • Wheel Alignment: Getting your wheels aligned is a matter of adjusting your car's suspension and making sure the angle of the tires makes proper contact with the road. This keeps your car from veering off to one side while driving, and it improves your control over your drive. Some signs that you might need an alignment include tire squeaking, uneven wearing of your tires, steering-wheel tilting during driving, and steering wheel vibration during acceleration. What causes misalignment? It can be as simple as curbing it when you're pulling out of the fast-food place or accidentally hitting a sizeable pothole that you definitely didn't see in the middle of the road.

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We hope that you've learned just a little bit about how critical your tires are to your vehicle's control, your safety, and the safety of others. Each of these tire service issues can be quickly and easily checked and skillfully fixed with the help of our highly-trained technicians. If you need tire service in West Houston or you're just looking for a new set of tires to put on yourself, visit us for a great selection and world-class service!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should tires last on a Volvo car?

The length of time that tires should last depends on your driving habits and yearly mileage. No matter how much you drive, the tire's rubber can become compromised after six to 10 years. For tread life, if you drive around 12,000 miles per year, you can expect the tires to last for around three years, give or take. Extreme driving conditions like mashing the throttle and brakes can cause the tread to wear down sooner.

What brand of tire does Volvo Cars use?

Volvo Cars selects several brands of tires. Among them, Continental and Michelin can be the brand of tire you see on your Volvo vehicle. When you replace them at our Volvo tire center in Houston, TX, we recommend keeping to the original brand in order to preserve the factory-spec performance and handling qualities of your Volvo vehicle.

Are Volvo tires under warranty?

Your Volvo tires can be covered under warranty when you opt for the Tire and Wheel Protection coverage program.1 We recommend choosing this warranty coverage, as it will reimburse flat-tire replacement costs,1 damage to your wheels,1 and cover the replacement of non-repairable tires.1 For the added confidence and value, this warranty is well worth it; contact Volvo Cars West Houston to learn more and get your tires under warranty.

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1The tire tread needs to be greater than 2/32" to be considered for coverage.  Road Hazard is defined as debris on the road surface or road surface conditions such as potholes, crack and breaks.  This plan does not cover cosmetic damage to wheels, damage incurred while driving off-road, or damage from a collision with a curb, parking block/stone or another vehicle.  Contact your Volvo dealer for more info; the complete terms & Conditions as well as instructions on how to submit a claim can be found in your Tire and Wheel Protection Contract.


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