Care By Volvo Subscription Program In Houston, TX

Care by Volvo is an all-inclusive car subscription that helps you enjoy a new Volvo vehicle with no long-term commitment while having the convenience of one all-inclusive car payment. The Care by Volvo subscription cost includes your vehicle payment, tire protection, maintenance, excessive wear, and auto insurance coverage.

When you subscribe to Care by Volvo, you also get the Care by Volvo insurance policy, so you can stop making multiple monthly payments. Now, your car insurance and monthly lease amount are combined in one easy payment.

What's Included In the Care by Volvo Program?

Care by Volvo is the car subscription plan that helps you enjoy the car you want, when you want it. If you prefer a Volvo sedan for the summer and a Volvo SUV for the winter rains, you can change vehicles every five months without incurring a penalty. The Volvo Care subscription gives you flexibility.

We don't always know where life will take us. Many of our customers are thinking about leasing a new Volvo XC40 for sale, but don't know if they'll need a three-row SUV for extra child safety seats before their three-year lease is up. With Care by Volvo, those worries are gone. Subscribe to the vehicle you need today, then change as your needs change.

When you subscribe to Care by Volvo from our dealership in Houston, TX, your Volvo Care subscription payment includes the following benefits:1

  • Factory scheduled maintenance
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Auto insurance coverage
  • 1,250 monthly mileage allotment
  • Flexible subscription terms
  • Tire and wheel protection
  • Excess wear protection

How Do I Subscribe To Volvo?

When you are ready to start a Volvo Care subscription, the first thing to do is choose a new Volvo vehicle and pick out the color you want. Once your credit eligibility and insurance are confirmed, we'll contact you to schedule your delivery and take payment. It's that easy.

At this point, you might wonder what cars are available for a Care by Volvo subscription. We're pleased to inform you that all new Volvo vehicles are eligible for subscription, and you can also choose from our current inventory.

If you have been wondering if luxury cars are right for you, a Volvo subscription is a great way to elevate your drive to the car you deserve. All you need to sign up is a valid US driver's license.

Getting Your Volvo Subscription Delivered

When you subscribe to a Care by Volvo subscription, it typically takes about two weeks to deliver your vehicle to you once we confirm your eligibility. Vehicle availability and transit time can impact delivery time, so it's recommended to select from our current inventory if you're in a rush.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you negotiate Care by Volvo?

There is no need to negotiate the cost of a Care by Volvo subscription because the price is all-inclusive. It's easy to subscribe online, choose your delivery window, and schedule your one monthly payment that covers your subscription, maintenance, and insurance costs. There is no long-term commitment, and you can easily cancel your subscription after five months.

How long is Care by Volvo?

The typical Care by Volvo subscription timeframe is between five months and two years. At the end of your subscription, you can purchase the vehicle for the price listed in your contract. You can also start a new subscription or turn in your vehicle. Upon turn-in, you'll pay for any excess mileage above the 1,250 monthly allowance and pay the vehicle turn-in fee.

What is Care by Volvo?

Care by Volvo is an all-inclusive car subscription service that gives you flexibility and doesn't lock you into a long-term payment plan. The one monthly payment includes your subscription fee, maintenance, excess wear and tear, auto insurance policy, and mileage. Drivers can easily cancel their Volvo subscription for free after five months or enjoy their vehicle for up to two years.

1Contact our dealership for complete details.

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